Bulthama Trip by Hasan Janahi

A short video shows the beauty of marine life in Kingdom of Bahrain
Underwater footage by Hasan Janahi.

Freshwater Springs by Mohammed and Yousif Zainal

Bahrain’s natural springs, which were once abundant on the Island, are now a rare treasure. Today documentaries or short films on freshwater springs are very rare, this short film beautifully documents important traditional, cultural  and historical information which is being passed down in a very precious way.

Diving in Bahrain (Reef Bul Thamah) by Ali Aman

Hayr Bul Thamah is a natural reserve in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the Ministerial Decree No.(10) of 2007. However, dredging and poaching continues in the region threatening the future of the reserve. Through this short film we highlight the remainder of life in this reserve hoping to be of concern to be able to restore, revive and conserve it.

Meaning of Water by AYCM Bahrain

World Water Day is a day to remember the importance of water which we all take for granted. It’s a day to prepare our plans to confront the water-related issues in the future. AYCM Bahrain have asked few Bahraini farmers “What Water means to them.”


A Short Time Dying by The Shark Conservation Society (UK)

In April 2012 the Shark Conservation Society carried out an expedition in Bahrain as part of a regional study with the objective of building a picture of the health of elasmobranch populations in the Gulf.


Soctra birds in Hawar Island by Hani Bader

Sea Terns Ringing Trip on Al Jarrim Island by BioBahrain

Project Reef Budget Bahrain

Decades of Environmental Change in Bahrain

Bahrain Environmental Campaign to Reclaim the Sea