Paths to Individual Sustainability

Paths to Individual Sustainability at BIGS

An Illustrated Poster

Manama, 25th February 2015 – Visitors to the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) this year were treated to an authentic display of Bahraini creativity whereby the Capital Governorate’s corner showcased sustainable projects implemented by Bahrain’s public schools.

Heartwarming creative and innovative eco artwork were on display all of which were produced by students using recycled material in addition to funky devices which included water recycling coolers, self sustaining gardening pots, traditional handicrafts and much more. These combined together to deliver a strong message which stated the simple fact that Bahrain’s youth generation are ready for behavioral changes in harmony with our sacred environment.  

Together with young Bahraini talent and various industry stakeholders who support these initiatives we look forward to a beautiful journey in healing our world and giving back to nature through gradually but surely taking off the immense pressure on our natural resources, whilst awakening beautiful minds.

Change begins with us as individuals

In this spirit, bnature provides its research and network capabilities in collaboration with TalentFreeFlow Ltd. out-reach sustainable programmes in Bahrain (See Outdoor Classroom project).

Together we have adapted an illustration poster on ten widely known paths towards initiating individual sustainability taking into consideration the local circumstances as part of our collective effort to empower Bahraini society in its journey as a leading and innovating country in sustainable practices.

The illustrated poster was supported by the Capital Governorate, Kingdom of Bahrain and in collaboration with programme developers TalentFreeFlow Ltd. (TFF) and Equator Connect UK (EQCUK), bnature and Bahraini illustrators Samar M and Monkey Grip.

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