Priotrochus kotschyi


Drawing by Nasser AlZayani (2017)

Phylum: Mollusca, Class: Gastropoda Family: Trochidae

Species: Priotrochus kotschyi

Description: A short robust top-shaped shell with three to four whorls that have rather flat ‘stepped’ sides. Each whorl has two to three spiralling grooves. There are also slightly nodules ridges, wavy ridges or nobbly coronationsto the shoulder of each whorl. The umbilicus is deep but thin, the aperture can be necreous. The underlying colour is white to grey, simtimes with a pink or lilac tinge, decorated by numberous radiating lines of purple to black, that are occasionally wavy and often of varying thickness. Typical Size: Length 15-25mm, Width 15-20mm.

Information Source: Bahrain First National Report to the CBD (2006); Bahrain Seashells (1994)