Malvufundus regula

Drawing by Nasser AlZayani (2017)

Phylum: Mollusca, Class: Bivalvia, Family: Malleidae

Species: Malvufundus regula

Description: One of the so called ‘hammer’ oysters, the juvenile specimends are rather square, when suddenly one of the three edges (not the hinge line) erupts into a long extended growth. Externally there are rough concentric ‘scale-like’ growths. The colour near the umbos being dark brown to purple and light brown or fawn along the growth. The interior inside the original square is nacreous. Typical size: Square area – L 10-23mm, W 12-15 mm. Growth – L 27-50 mm, W 12-15mm

Information Source: Bahrain First National Report to the CBD (2006), Bahrain Seashells (1994)