Anadara ehrenbergi


Drawing by Nasser AlZayani (2017)

Phylum: Gastropoda, Class: Bivalvia, Family: Arcidae

Species: Anadara ehrenbergi

Description: Almost semi-circular with a long straight hinge line. Externally there are around 20 to 25 raised, radiating ridges, lightly sculptured with small ‘riblets’ on wavy concentric lines. White (sometimes discoloured pale brown) with occasionally a strong periostracum. The interior is also white, tinged brown to the umbos. Inner lip of ventral edge has large raised projections and interior of the shell has fine radiating striations. Typical size: L 23-44mm W 34 – 67 mm

Information Source: Bahrain First National Report to the CBD (2006); Bahrain Seashells (1994)