The Power of February

IMG_4810_1024Earth today is very much different than the planet the first humans once roamed. If we were to time transport ourselves back or vice versa – both would be in utter shock at the change witnessed.

If the outer world is a reflection of our inner state, then we are in desperate need for healing. Fortunately, there are many who have started sounding the alarm and have declared the world in a state of emergency with many healers spreading their light in attempt of bringing about positive change.

Nature is just magnificent, with a structure so perfect whilst being in harmony with all that’s around it. Many spiritual beliefs highlight the need of opposites for balance such as the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang. There is no day without night, no love without hate and no abundance without lack. There are multiple reasons behind this, most importantly is that we as humans would not appreciate and recognise such things or emotions without experiencing the opposite. How would we understand the preciousness of joy if we have never experienced sorrow? How can we value peace if we have not experienced pain? How can we appreciate a full belly if we haven’t experienced hunger? How would we appreciate nature, if we do not experience its loss.

This also applies to what’s happening on our planet today. Many are so disconnected from nature and their own emotions. Therefore our world has taken a hideous turn and it is up to us to help restore what has been lost and right what is wrong before the world goes past its tipping point to a place of utter despair.

It is truly amazing how science and technology has gotten so far as to take man to the moon and conduct research on other planets. This in itself is a bittersweet accomplishment. It is in a way sad that we have already started looking for life on other planet out of the need to find an alternative rather than fixing the problems of and healing our world. If we take a moment to explore this thought, we would find that it is typical human behaviour whereby one is not in harmony with oneself. Instead of making the effort and taking the time to fix what’s inside of us, we always run to find an external entity or person to help us fill that gap. This needs to change for we need to work from the inside to fix what is on the outside. Just like how happiness comes from within, it is not dependent on external sources or people.

In 2015, the world embraced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help define the pathways that we as earth’s inhabitants need to take in order to ensure that we live in a more sustainable world. In this moment, this is where we stand – the world’s population has already exceeded the planet’s carrying capacity. Despite this, our population is rapidly growing and is estimated to reach 9 billion by 2050. Our environment and ecosystems is the last thing on the minds of millions and as a result, the future has two outlooks: one looks bleak but the other looks bright with a promise of a better world as this current generation is taking a stance.

February is a very special and unique month. Despite being the shortest month of the year, it is a month that is filled with so much promise as it celebrates and highlights important aspects of life that serve as a great reminder for us to honour the past, celebrate the present and write our own future based on the knowledge we now have acquired. Here is a quick run through of some important reminders February holds for us as it embraces both the environment and people.

  • Dear Bahrainis, rejoice, for this month celebrates your natural heritage and identity. It is Your National Environment’s Month.
  • February is also Black History Month shedding light on the incredible history of African Americans.
  • The highly anticipated Chinese New Year, which was marked this year on February the 8th, 2016, welcomes the year of the Red Fire Monkey, a year where karma will come visit you.
  • The world celebrated its Wetlands Day on February the 2nd we can’t live without water you know.
  • February the 4th saw us lighting a candle for World Cancer Day and also helped us connect with nature in Bahrain on its National Environment Day.
  • February the 11th of 2016 marked the 1st International Day of Women and Girls in Science.
  • It is the Month of Love, for February the 14th needs no explanation.
  • Lastly, 2016 brings us February the 29th making it a leapt year, giving us all one extra day and opportunity, found only once every four years – how will you carpe diem?

This is just a selection, so imagine all the other amazing things the shortest month of the year holds. If such a short month can hold in store so much for us, why can’t we put in the effort to restore and rejuvenate some of the damage done in this world with the short lifetime that we have. There is nothing more beautiful than a grateful heart. Our voices are getting stronger and a beautiful revolution of the mind is currently taking flight as we awaken from our slumber to bring harmony on to the planet we call home. Make this February your mark of change and be grateful for all that nature has provided you with.

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