Bahrain’s Capital Governorate joins TalentFreeFlow Ltd. and Equator Connect UK to launch the Outdoor Classroom project

Bahrain’s Capital Governorate joins TalentFreeFlow Ltd. and Equator Connect UK to launch the Outdoor Classroom project

Manama, 27th April 2015 – The Outdoor Classroom project is aligned together with the Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ project, that aims to nurture more caring human beings, produce Green-friendly institutions and businesses and promote general greenery in the Kingdom of Bahrain, starting with the Capital, Manama.

The Outdoor Classroom project was introduced by programme developers TalentFreeFlow Ltd. and Equator Connect UK, to twenty-three schools in the Capital of Manama in 2014. Initiated with the support of the Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ competition (Dec. 2014 – Feb. 2015), whereby 3 schools were selected and awarded with the Outdoor Classroom project Phase 1, that includes 3 sessions guiding students in understanding various pillars of sustainability, planning an Outdoor Classroom incorporating sustainable practices and initiating relevant sustainability experiments in their respective schools.


The Outdoor Classroom project is divided into 3 Phases including:

  • Plan Phase 1: Each team of students will learn about urban planning and current sustainability issues globally, as they work with urban planning university professors and undergraduates to plan and create a 3D model of an Outdoor Classroom for their school.
    The 3D models will be presented to various private stakeholders who may agree to support building it.
  • Build Phase 2: Students will build the Outdoor Classroom together with expert guidance in urban planning and landscape design, and watch their gardens grow!
  • Inspire Phase 3: Students and teachers will be inspired to use the Outdoor Classrooms for curriculum classes including and not limited to math, physics, biology, art and design. Student Green Teams will also have the opportunity to plan community events using the Outdoor Classroom (ie: Harvest Day), whilst ensuring its sustainable growth and development throughout the years.

Student ‘Green Team’ Benefits include:

  • Acquiring life-skills in horticulture, urban planning and sustainability, as well as effective presentation skills.
  • Incorporating soft-skills in teamwork, collaboration and patience across race and gender differences.
  • Participating in exchange programmes with sister Outdoor Classroom projects in the UK.
  • Accessing international recognition through UK-recognized Awards, Certificates and Qualifications.

“The Outdoor Classroom project not only encourages sustainable thinking amongst youth and communities but also influences a generation of responsible citizens who think creatively, negotiate effectively and work well in teams,” said Rawia Beyhum Director of TalentFreeFlow Ltd. – an active programme developer, coach / mentor and talent agent in the region.

“Through hands-on activities, interactive games, competitions and collaboration through exchange programmes with the UK, the Outdoor Classroom project will offer opportunities for youth and the wider community to play a vital role in leaving a sustainable legacy for generations to come, says Melba Palhazy, Director of Equator Connect UK – a Community Interest Company and initiator of various sustainable projects throughout the UK.

Following the out-reach programme to schools, the Capital Governorate aims to further support the Outdoor Classroom project with a variety of activities including an annual Green Conference and various community events designed for schools, communities and dedicated Green Teams across the Capital to engage. We continue to seek businesses that are able to support initiation and / or build of the Outdoor Classroom project across schools in Bahrain.


To support the Outdoor Classroom project contact:

Rawia Beyhum, Director of TalentFreeFlow Ltd., Mobile: +973 39785868,

Melba Palhazy, Director of Equator Connect UK, Mobile: +44 (0)7909923240, Email:


Al Daih School

In the photo: Students from Al Daih Primary and Intermediate School for Girls are exposed to various pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic – and learn about the differences individual behavioral changes can make.

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