• We are hiring interns!

    Exciting opportunity announcement! We are looking for two interns to work on updating the first environmental online database in Bahrain created in 2015 by citizens for citizens! These are paid positions. If you are interested send us your CV to (info@bnature.info) and a paragraph as to why you want to join us!

  • Project Bahrain Reef Budget

    Meet the Team (From Right to Left): Hannah Lunt-Bell (Project Marine Research assistant), Hanan Hasan (Bahrain’s first women PADI Diver Instructor), Reem Al Mealla (Project PhD researcher), Ashwaq Shukralla (On land video analysis support). Our team is really excited to launch Project Reef Budget Bahrain! Are you interested in marine

  • Bahrain declares new marine reserve

    Earlier this month, the Supreme Council for Environment issued legislation[1] declaring a new Marine Protected Area (MPA). The MPA, located to the north of Bahrain, encompasses three offshore oysterbeds and an adjacent coral reef within a protective buffer zone. In 2012, the site of the northern oysterbeds – namely Najwat

  • Bahrain’s National Environment Day

    Last Saturday the 4th of February marked Bahrain’s Environment Day under the theme “Our Environment, Our Responsibility”. Sadly, the day passed by with deafening silence. Unlike Bahrain’s Sports Day which was celebrated today (the 7th of February) throughout the kingdom witnessing people from across different sectors taking part. This included various public

  • ENO Bahrain – Instilling Environmental Citizenship

     In 1992, the UN conference on Environment and Development (also known as the Rio Earth Summit) brought together over 178 States, 108 world leaders, and over 2400 non-governmental organisations and went down as one of the largest ever intergovernmental gathering in history dedicated to the protection of the environment and

  • Citizen Science Program Lands in Bahrain

    No thanks to the legacy of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 cult classic, sharks are one of the most misunderstood predators in the animal kingdom. Although frequently cast as man-eating beasts thirsty for blood, in reality sharks face a greater threat from humans. Shark species around the world are hunted for local

  • Beached Sea Turtle Rescued in Bahrain

    A male Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas, was found beached and in distress on a local beach last Wednesday. Thanks to the organisation and coordination efforts of bnature together with the actions of the Supreme Council for Environment and those responsible for finding the turtle, Terry (as he is now know) was

  • The Power of February

    Earth today is very much different than the planet the first humans once roamed. If we were to time transport ourselves back or vice versa – both would be in utter shock at the change witnessed. If the outer world is a reflection of our inner state, then we are

  • bnature Hits the Headlines!

    This weeks edition of ‘Bahrain this Week’ features three of our co-founders. In an interview with the local newspaper, Reem, Ali and Ashwaq share how bnature came about, why its its so special, both to us and to Bahrain, and why its important for people to advocate for what they believe.

  • An Eye on Citizen Science

    An Eye on Citizen Science Tamera Alhusseini Co-National Coordinator, Arab Youth Climate Movement – Bahrain Chapter Eye on Earth Summit St. Regis Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE October 6-8, 2015 The recent Eye on Earth Summit convened on October 6th to 9th, 2015 at the St. Regis Hotel Saadiyat Island

  • Al Hekma School students harness the energy of light

      Grade 6 Students at Al Hekma School designed their own tech-friendly urban design. The solar design is a place where students can rest, whilst simultaneously charging their tablets. It blurs distinctions between pleasure and work and recasts power generation as an integrated and distributed public activity. It will also

  • H.E. Shaikh Hisham Al Khalifa speaks on the Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ project

    H.E. Shaikh Hisham Al Khalifa speaks on the Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ project You don’t question feelings .. you just have them. Exploring the ones that make us better people is self-fulfilling to say the least. Feature by Rawia Beyhum TalentFreeFlow Ltd. Manama, Bahrain February 2015 With H.E. Shaikh Hisham

  • Bahrain’s Capital Governorate joins TalentFreeFlow Ltd. and Equator Connect UK to launch the Outdoor Classroom project

    Bahrain’s Capital Governorate joins TalentFreeFlow Ltd. and Equator Connect UK to launch the Outdoor Classroom project Manama, 27th April 2015 – The Outdoor Classroom project is aligned together with the Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ project, that aims to nurture more caring human beings, produce Green-friendly institutions and businesses and promote

  • Paths to Individual Sustainability

    Paths to Individual Sustainability at BIGS An Illustrated Poster Manama, 25th February 2015 – Visitors to the Bahrain International Garden Show (BIGS) this year were treated to an authentic display of Bahraini creativity whereby the Capital Governorate’s corner showcased sustainable projects implemented by Bahrain’s public schools. Heartwarming creative and innovative