Meet the Team

Reem Al Mealla

A nature lover by default, a marine and conservation biologist by profession, a climate advocate by concern and founder of Inspiring Change by calling, Reem is a recipient of the Abel Imray Prize and the author of ‘Resource Partitioning in the Indo-Pacific”. Engaged in the UNFCCC and CBD processes, Reem is determined to contribute towards creating the necessary shift in the region to bring environmental protection and conservation into Bahrain’s priority list.

Eman Hussain

Eman’s passion lies within the sight of sustainable development with a focus on environmental sustainability. A holder of an MSc. in Environmental Management and Business, it comes as no surprise that Eman enjoys conducting marriage ceremonies between business and environmental sustainability. A climate reality leader, Eman is busy working on setting the foundation for a sustainable Bahrain.

Ashwaq Shukralla

The voice of justice, Ashwaq is a law and policy expert with a natural instinct to address environmental issues and concerns. A leader in the Bahraini youth climate movement, Ashwaq is currently working on expanding her knowledge in the environmental policy field as she embraces her calling to fight, protect and conserve nature.

Tamera Al Husseini

A natural born tree hugger, Tamera chose to pursue a BSc in Ecology for her undergrad. Upon returning to Bahrain, she had the pleasure of falling into the company of her fellow team members and has since joined their mission to advocate environmental causes in the Middle East. Most recently, she was been elected as one half of the AYCM Bahrain National Coordinator team for 2015.

Ali Talahi

Ali decided to take the IT route in his future plans because he believes that IT is a vital form of communication. Ali recently earned his BSc. degree in Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and in addition to being a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). With an interest in science, particularly in environment and sustainability, Ali was elected as the second half of the AYCM Bahrain National Coordinator team for 2015.