Rawia Beyhum is Founder of TalentFreeFlow Ltd. (TFF). Established in 2013, TFF is a manager of projects and agent for creative talent worldwide, providing access and networking between projects, programmes and talents globally. Through its own initiative in High Performance Innovation Programmes and Leadership Training, TFF encourages platforms for cross-cultural collaboration and innovation; stimulating personal career development and market growth.

In 2015 TFF was notably recognized for supporting the Kingdom of Bahrain Capital Governorate ‘Green Capital’ project  – a contemporary Green-friendly movement addressing institutions and businesses across the Capital of Manama. Together with global project partners and regional talent, TFF put together a series of public roadshow workshops, a school-focused Outdoor Classroom project and inspired several national conferences, to further stimulate market demand and community participation for Green-led initiatives. For further details visit www.talentfreeflow.com