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Juhani Kyyro

Juhani’s adventures in photography started – as with every young male of his generation, making smoke “bomblets” from the highly flammable material used for film negatives back then. The natural continuation was the exploration of the inner workings of my parents’ camera, may the parts rest in peace, still some to be found in my storage drawers.

Photographing solar system objects through a telescope was his first passion. However, his first real memorable observations and photographs were of a bald eagle making their first successful breeding in Kaukauna, Wisconsin in many years. While working in Bahrain for the Ministry of Education as an advisor for the ‘King Hamad’s Schools of the Future’ project, he used practically all of his spare time photographing the wildlife and nature of Bahrain.

Juhani is well known in Bahrain for the book Birds of Dilmun which is beautifully illustrated by over 350 of his photographs all taken in Bahrain. It is a tribute to the 337 different species of birds that have been recorded in Bahrain in the past twenty years. It describes the breeding species, the habitats and the changes in the bird community through the seasons.

Thanks to Juhani, you can also enjoy his fine photographs by browsing bnature’s species list.

For more details about Juhani Please visit his Facebook pages: https://www.facebook.com/birdsofdilmun and https://www.facebook.com/myhelsinki1