Aysha Alhajeri is a graduate from Bahrain Polytechnic. She began her academic career with a vast interest in Information and Communication Technology with a focus of learning about the Web/Mobile application development. Aysha’s major achievements are earning 5 Microsoft certificates regarding web app development that will help her to be a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) and to develop her career life. In addition, Aysha is currently working as a Front-end developer at one of the startup companies in the IT field that provides IT solutions and applications to the clients, in order to help them enhance the user experience of their current systems. Moreover, Aysha has experience freelancing with creating websites for different clients to help them improve their businesses. Aysha‘s life experiences have enabled her to develop her soft skills including communication, decision making and time management. Furthermore, Aysha has an opportunity to develop hard skills including data analysis, computer languages, computer programming, web/mobile app development and database management. Aysha is keen to contribute towards the successful fruition of the project. She is hardworking and deeply committed to empowering people with recently published information about the nature and the environment.