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  • Project Bahrain Reef Budget

    Meet the Team (From Right to Left): Hannah Lunt-Bell (Project Marine Research assistant), Hanan Hasan (Bahrain’s first women PADI Diver Instructor), Reem Al Mealla (Project PhD researcher), Ashwaq Shukralla (On land video analysis support). Our team is really excited to launch Project Reef Budget Bahrain! Are you interested in marine conservation? Do you want to […]

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  • Bahrain declares new marine reserve

    Earlier this month, the Supreme Council for Environment issued legislation[1] declaring a new Marine Protected Area (MPA). The MPA, located to the north of Bahrain, encompasses three offshore oysterbeds and an adjacent coral reef within a protective buffer zone. In 2012, the site of the northern oysterbeds – namely Najwat and Hayr Bul Thamah, Hayr […]

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  • Bahrain’s National Environment Day

    Last Saturday the 4th of February marked Bahrain’s Environment Day under the theme “Our Environment, Our Responsibility”. Sadly, the day passed by with deafening silence. Unlike Bahrain’s Sports Day which was celebrated today (the 7th of February) throughout the kingdom witnessing people from across different sectors taking part. This included various public and private organisations including governmental […]

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